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St. Patrick’s Day is (not) Always on a Wednesday

Mother and I were chatting the other day. Mother always likes to plan for holidays and birthdays in advance. She and my dad used to make corned beef and cabbage to join in on the holiday. I have never been a…

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Senior Tuesdays and Siestas

It has been almost two months since I last wrote about mother’s snacking cupboard! There is absolutely no excuse for this as I basically have nothing else to do except eat, sleep, watch TV and surf the internet.

For those of you who have been following…

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Bibi the Nosy Neighbor

The package stalking saga continues. In 2019 my mother had moved in to a duplex unit and had accidentally took a package off her front porch that belonged to the next door neighbor, Bibi. Bibi had recently moved from Unit A to Unit B and Bibi…

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Neighborhood Watch Report

Mother is the self-appointed neighborhood watch person on our street. Not that there was much going on before, but now that the cooler weather has arrived in addition to the pandemic self quarantine, a falling leaf makes news.

Two years ago mother sold her house, deciding to…

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Trick or Treat

Things really slowed down in October. Mother was looking forward to the Halloween bingo. She was also looking forward to leaving candy out for the neighborhood children. She moved to this duplex two years ago and was on a cruise with my sister for Halloween 2019. …

Renee Olmsted

I love to dilly dally and gallivant || I like to write || Late at night.

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